Who We Are

Our farm was founded by several families to preserve family farming and the beauty and exquisiteness of our land. Organic farming has allowed us to create a livelihood for ourselves and a source of nourishing food for us and our community. Since our founding, we have raised almost 2 generations of children here.


Organic Farming

In practical terms, organic farming is the feeding of the soil and the plants by applying compost and using green manure crops and the reliance on the network of interacting beneficial plants and insects. Because our soil is so singularly important to our tomatoes, we devote a lot of time and effort to assure the fertility of the soil.

Our farming also relies upon the interaction of the pest/predators relationships. Surrounded by native plant habitat, we have a great variety of natural insect predators that invisibly patrol our plantings while visiting some nectar producing flowers along the way. We may also supplement these predators with other beneficial insects as the season progresses.

Organic farming is a long term, long-sighted process. As you bite into our fruit, you are savoring the rewards of 20 years of care.